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Our story

The Luxury Brand EDG was founded 4 years ago by the artist & designer Natalie O’Hara.
"We wanted to create a totally unique accessory, with each individual, original design adding instant style & panache to any outfit. A really eye catching contemporary collection creating kool sophisticated looks, which blend perfectly with your designer jeans, your sharp city suit to your tuxedo; adding your own individual style with EDG accessories."

All of the EDG designs are based on Natalie's works of art, which have been hand painted over many years in vibrant colours. The large canvases were photographed and after extensive research and development the images were reproduced successfully to the finest detail and clarity onto the cufflinks. Natalie said "It was quite a challenge to reproduce the image from 80cm x 50cm to 17mm by 17mm and retain the vibrant colours and intricate designs!"

Many ties

Following on from the success of the EDG luxury cufflink collections, Natalie created the luxury EDG pure woven silk neck and bow tie Collection reproducing each detail of the exclusive designs from her original works of art, with great precision. "It was very exciting exploring so many colour variations in the designs by using different warps and wefts in the weaves to create contemporary design looks"

The EDG Men's Accessories Collections will soon be followed by EDG Ladies Scarves and by popular request we have designed a special size smaller cufflink for the Ladies, which is available now.