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Natalie O'Hara

London based Natalie O'Hara has always adored fashion and design which led her into a career of Worldwide photographic and fashion modeling assignments. Natalie also holds a degree in sociology and economics from London University.

Natalie's diverse career has taken her from modeling international collections of lingerie and swimwear throughout the fashion capitals of the world, to her remarkable artistic talent of creativeness and the evolution of these imaginative designs.

Through her modelling, Natalie became progressively involved in the world of fashion,  building a successful team, involved in marketing, distribution &  new product launches. 

Natalie's extraordinary talents have also led her to the marketing, distribution and PR management of her designs in numerous applications, on an international basis.

Around four  years ago, Natalie who was also known as Natalie O in the art and design world was asked by her many business contacts and friends to create a luxury collection of cufflinks using her creative artistic flair for design and vibrant colours previously found in her Watch and jewellery collection and other luxury products.


Natalie created all the designs from her original works of art which has been hand painted in acrylic over many years. After dedicated research and development in Great Britain and her passions for a truly British manufactured product the images were reproduced in fine detail onto the superb range of quality cufflinks known as EDG.


The EDG cufflinks were created using Natalie’s exacting standards and specification with the Natalie O’Hara cutting edge design, proudly displaying “Made in Great Britain”.   Following on from the success of the EDG luxury cufflink collections, Natalie created the exquisite EDG pure woven silk neck and bow tie Collection reproducing each detail of the exclusive designs from her original works of art, with great precision, which was previewed at the Best of Britannia Exhibition in London during the summer of 2015.


 "Although I have travelled worldwide in my career of Fashion and Design, Great Britain will always be home to me and I have chosen famous landmarks in England, Scotland and Wales to name our luxury EDG Collections.  Having been drawn to the excitement and vibrancy of London I have named the EDG exquisite Rhodium cufflinks and a selection of the EDG tie collections after well-known London locations”.


“I wish you all the joy and excitement in wearing EDG luxury accessories, that I found in creating and developing these unique designs."


Natalie draws her inspiration for painting, from nature, life experience and inner spirituality and all the EDG designs are taken from her original works of art.

Natalie divides her time between London and the Leicestershire countryside where she loves  to spend her spare time flying on a sunny day  in a open cockpit bi plane.


Natalie O'Hara