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About Collections

EDG have chosen famous landmarks in England, Scotland and Wales to name our luxury Collections.  Having been drawn to the excitement and vibrancy of London we have named the EDG exquisite *Rhodium cufflinks collections and a selection of the EDG tie collections after well-known London locations.

Named after Soho, the bustling area full of restaurants and theatres in central London, the Soho pure woven silk collection reflects the lively avant-garde in you.  The Regent Tie Collection is named after one of the world’s most famous fashion streets.


Each cufflink Collection within the London Rhodium Collection is named after one of the many landmarks of our wonderful capital city.  Each design matches the vibrancy of these well- known London locations, including Knightsbridge, Mayfair and Chelsea.

EDG chose the Highlands in Scotland, the Brecon's in Wales and the two counties of Rutland and Oxfordshire to represent the other collections for this truly British range.


The Highland, Brecon, Rutland and Oxfordshire Collections portray the fantastic array of colours found throughout rural Britain.

The Highland Collections celebrates the rustic array of colours that Scotland is renowned for, unifying and contrasting.  The Roxburgh collection has a tartan twist which is available both in our Tie and Cufflinks ranges.

The Brecon area of Wales is famous for its wild natural beauty, and the classic county of Oxfordshire, steeped in history with is famous historic University City. The county of Rutland is the smallest county in the UK but also one of the most picturesque with its rolling countryside of ancient natural stone buildings.


At EDG we are passionate about British Craftsmanship and we are proud to say that we decided to have all the manufacturing processes of our cufflinks and other fine jewellery and of course our pure woven silk tie collections entirely Made in Great Britain using the traditional skills and craftsmanship that are still available, whilst also bringing much needed employment to British manufacturing and their associated businesses.

By buying British goods manufactured by skilled craftsmen you are helping to keep these precious skills alive in the UK today. The British companies that we found had a wonderful enthusiasm, combined with a great talent of skills and craftsmanship, which produce our jewellery and fashion accessories to the exacting standards and quality we require.   This also has the added advantage of a local ongoing personal working relationship.

For us at EDG, British manufacturing is about having pride in our country's skills and craftsmanship, and keeping those precious skills alive, and ensuring our customers get the superb quality of design and craftsmanship that a truly British product can offer.

Many British brands are campaigning the government to have a clear strategy to enable the whole of our manufacturing industry to brand "Made in Great Britain" as the government has done with the food industry, so the manufacturers and retailers can "fly the flag.  An easily recognisable logo which symbolizes made in the UK is needed at the point of sales so that the consumer is left in no doubt that what they are buying is actually "Made in Great Britain" and has been created here in the UK.  At EDG all our products come with a Made in Great Britain presentation card endorsing British manufacturing.


A note on the metals used for EDG Cufflinks.   EDG chose to use the metals Rhodium and silver for the EDG cufflink collection.

*Rhodium is a silver-white hard metal often found in platinum ores. It is the most expensive precious metal.  In its natural solid state rhodium is far too hard to work, but it is used as an alloy in the smelting of platinum and palladium.

Rhodium plating is a metal deposition process used to coat materials with a decorative and protective layer of rhodium. Rhodium is a distinctive metal that imparts an extremely bright and hard wearing finish when applied as plating. When applied, it affords a durable finish of exceptional brightness.

Silver is a white coloured semi precious metal with an oxidizing property. The plating process involves the covering of a conductive surface with silver, which adds a lovely lustrous shine to it.

Carefully looked after rhodium & silver plated jewellery looks wonderful, and you can enjoy its beauty for many years.

Shirt cuff featuring the Chelsea,
Square Style 17 x 17mm
from the London Rhodium collection

Shirt cuff featuring the Powis,
Round Style 17mm Diameter
from the Brecon collection

Shirt cuff featuring the Belgravia,
Square Style 14 x 14 mm
from the London Rhodium collection

Shirt cuff featuring the Mayfair,
Square Style 17 x17mm
from the London Rhodium collection

Shirt cuff featuring the Denbigh,
Oblong Style 19 x 13mm
from the Brecon collection

Shirt cuff featuring the Piccadilly,
Oblong Style 19 x 13mm
from the London collection

Shirt cuff featuring the Stow,
Round Style 17mm
from the Oxfordshire collection

Shirt cuff featuring the Clipsham
Square Style 14 x14mm
from the Rutland collection